I did not realise how much of my grief was riding on the shared experiences we have had. You had a miscarriage abd four weeks later I did as well. For a very long time, I used the strength you showed to get through itTht hen today, I found out you and your husband recently saw the safe arrival of your son, a gull 7 years after your miscarriage.  I don’t know if you wewe unfortunate like I was to suffer any more losses, but I sure hope not. To know that you finally became a mother has seen a deep sense of peace settle over me in regards to my grief journey. 

I packed away all of the pices I have in my home into a box. They will stay there.

dare I say it, but I suspect I may be ready to completely move on. To put this chapter behind be. To embrace what the future holds, children or not.

thankyou N. welcome O. Be amazing. Like your mamma.