Today is the last day of 2013, and I feel truly blessed and honoured that 2013 has been so kind to me.

the good bits:

– Building and moving into my first home

– Marrying my DF, now DH

– Rebuilding my shattered confidence with a full time teaching job

– Gaining an interveiw and full time permanent job just 30 minutes from home

– Meeting so many new people, and beginning new beautiful friendships

– This years participation in October 15th ceremonies


The bad:

– another year gone, and no baby.

– Being broke from sinking my wage into two households

– Arguing with DH about ridiculous things!

– Missing Lily more and more through the month of December


The Interesting:

– My fur baby, I got a cat in April, and she has been great for me to give my love to. She has truly been essential to my healing.

– Maintaining a relationship from 350 miles away…. Or 600 kilometers!

– Advamcing my career as a teacher to the point I am the first choice of many schools now, I’ve had to turn down 6 offers of work- it goes to show, after 2 years and 200+ rejections, you will get there!

– Accepting the face we have to get health insurance that covers maternity and L&D even if we need it or not sucks. 


2014 goals


– lose 8-10 kgs to get back to my regular weight of 52-54 kgs.

– Fertility testing for DF and I.

– Some form of physical activity at least 4 times a week.



– To complete my 2nd level of post education training to be able to continue to hold my licence to teach!

– Have all 2 semesters planned out by the end of January

– Be calm, kind, and try not to yell.



– Have more sex.

-have at least two weekends away alone.




-Have car loan paid? 

-Save $4000 for July USA trip