Always on my mind! I know in my heart that a baby for myself and DF is another 4 year away.
I have things I want to do. He does. We both do.
I want to go back to Seattle for a month in 2015. We want to travel to visit family on the east coast. We want to have a reasonable amount paid off our mortgage. DF and I want time to be “us”. I want to have 5 years of teaching under my belt. Well, now its 4 years. I want to sleep, drink wine, spend money on clothes. I want to be selfish for a little longer. I want us to get married. I want our car paid off.
But that doesn’t mean the maternal side of my brain isn’t screaming at me every chance it gets.
A baby for us, while it would be so very loved, would be a disaster for most other aspects of our life.
It doesn’t mean I don’t secretly hope it happens.
Baby brain or what!