As a teacher, and as a human being, the school shooting in Conneticut, US, has left me rattled, and asking the same question as the rest of the world- why?

What posessed a 20-something year old man to kill not only his own mother, but then to gun down 20 primary aged children and their teachers?

As a teacher myself, I can imagine the pure ice cold fear that ran through those teacher’s veins as they tried, as a part of their duty of care and as a caring person, to protect their tiny students from the horror that was being unleashed in their school.

The very unlikely but all too real threat of an armed person walking into the place where we work, where we teach, where we spend our lives as students and as teachers, is something that terrifies me to the core.

For these students and teachers to have gone through this, some suriving, some not, is not something they and their families are going through alone. We are with you.