It was a hectic toy today, one of those ones where you feel like you are chasing your tail. I had 20 students all vying for my attention, and lo and behold, I just happened to run out of enough copies of the activity I wanted them to do. I raced into the office to photocopy. And of course, of course, the printer was out of toner. I sighed and had a a little rant to the other lady I work with.

She seemed very quiet so I checked to see how she was. She told me she had contacted an old friend of hers who had recently seen the death of his daughter. She seemed very unsettled so I looked over a beautiful letter she sent to her friend. She said to me that she wasn’t entirely sure if she had said the right thing. In this letter, she let her friend know that she too had lost a baby, a daughter, and simply said she was there when he needed her.

How much more perfect can you be?

All I said to her was that it would be exactly what she would have wanted to hear following the loss of her daughter. I then told her about my experience. Of all the people she could have asked!

i felt relief. I felt less alone. I seem to meet people who have suffered the loss of a baby. I wonder if it is our babies aligning the stars for us to all meet at some stage on our grief journey.

One of the things that most stuck with me was the fact she admitted she never truly began to heal until the birth of her second child. I feel the same. I know my heart will one day heal. I just wish I did not have to wait.